Leather furniture needs more care than furniture with fabric upholstery - a wet cloth with detergent is insufficient.

The Neat-Clean Co. uses leather furniture cleaners that make your furniture looks as good as new. We use solely products of „Leather Magic” company.

„Leather Magic” products are safe to use, contains no harsh or harmful chemicals. For cleaning usual soiled furniture we use „leather Cleaner” preparation. For cleaning heavily soiled parts of furniture (headrest, armrest), stubborn stains, ink, lipstick, crayons and other unslightly marks we use the stronger preparation ”Stain Removal”. For restoration your old leather furniture we can apply special leather conditioners. Leather Conditioners provide the essential oils and lubricants that are lost through everyday use, cleaning and other factors. Replacement of these oils preserves the original softness and feel of the leather, while preventing drying out of the leather. For maintance colour leather furniture we have special kits destinated only for colour leather, so called self-adapting creams which allows to recolor worn and faded leather, and retouching creams which are used to damaged and soiled areas. The Leather Recoloring products permanently dye the color back to your faded, soiled or damaged leather, while keeping the soft natural feel. The finish provided will be a permanent, long lasting finish that will give you many years of service.

After leather is professionally cleaned and restored, we apply a refinishing cream and a protective coating. This enhances the attractive look of the leather and protects it from spills and further wear & tear.