Deck/Porch/Patio Cleaning and Staining

We clean and stain different types of material: wood, vinyl, stone and concrete.

We do that in the following way:

  1. Preparing the Deck/Porch/Patio
    The first step is clearing the deck of any furniture or toys and cover all fragile plants. Next, we clean the deck of larger debris.
  2. Cleaning the Deck
    Before applying the paint, we thoroughly clean the deck of all dirt and build-up. Debris clogging the spaces between deck boards should be blasted out with a power washer. We also use a sanding machine to clean the wood floor from the old finish. We sand it a few times to have better results.
  3. Staining or Painting the Deck
    Before the painting process we use a stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer first to hold the color of the deck to keep its durable and scuff resistant finish. We come by and give a free estimate and recommend the best stain or paint for your deck, patio, or porch.    We also stain or paint patio furniture.
  4. Sealing/Finishing the Deck
    Once the area is dry, we will seal the deck. Sealants come in either water- or oil-based formulas. Our high quality sealant will also contain ultraviolet sunlight protection to reduce the damaging effects of the sun.
  5. Anti-Skid Additive
    We offer an extra product that can be put down after the seal to put an end to slippery floors. It’s ideal near a pool, and especially on a staircase. This epoxy will not change the color, performance or any properties of the coating.



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