Did you know that roofs all over the world are being replaced many years too soon? Take a good look around your neighborhood. Almost every house has an ugly roof. Will your roof be affected? Most Likely, Yes!

Why Your roof turns black?
Why the sudden explosion of roof stains? Shingle formulas have been slowly changing! As a result, algae, moss, black streaks and fungus are more able to attack and damage your roof. The appearance of black or green stains is the first sign that problems are coming.  The ugly, dark stains that are so prevalent are caused by a very hardy “blue-green” alga, Gloeocapsa magma. The north side of the roof is usually the first to exhibit staining because the moisture remains there longer.    As the alga grows, it holds moisture allowing the growth to accelerate.  Thus the roof stains get worse and worse over time as well. Algae spores are carried by wind, birds, squirrels, etc.
If your roof is currently clean, it likely won’t stay that way if other houses in the area are already stained. Thanks to Neat and Clean, there's an affordable alternative to replacing your roof too soon!

What we can do for You
If you do nothing, your 25-year roof will most likely last less than 15 years and your home will remain an unhealthy eyesore.  You may even experience the wrath of your homeowners association.  You can clean your roof yourself; a risky proposition or you can hire a professional like Neat-Clean. To protect your roof from early replacement, annual washing is recommended. By choosing our cleaning service you can achieve professional results and have a brand new looking roof, within a reasonable time frame, without killing your plants and grass! It's safe to say that it’s impossible to control all variables, but you can fight them and win with preventative maintenance services or long term protection.

What we use for making your roof look like a new one
Clean Roof Forever is quick, simple and effective way to remove embarrassing roof stains and prevent the algae stains from returning. Clean Roof  Forever includes Roof QSE 3000 Cleaner and Roof Armor Protectant.
1. Roof Cleaner QSE makes years of dirt build-up and stains from algae, moss, pollen and mildew disappear.  Biodegradable Roof Cleaner QSE contains no chlorine and no bleach which can damage roof surfaces. 25 minutes will remove roof shingle stains.
2. Now that your roof is clean, Roof Armor is applied to prevent the stains from returning.  This protectant that does not require rinsing will make it simple to keep your roof looking new for years!