Do you drive a car for a dozen or so or a few dozen thousands of dollars, maybe you sail a boat which is much more expensive, and maybe you drive RV for a hundreds thousands of dollars, you pay hundreds of dollars for repairs, and wash it in a car wash for a few dollars? Do you choose the best brand when you buy a car, a boat, a caravan or RV? Do you choose the best and solid mechanic when you need to repair a car? So, why are you in favour of outdated car cleaning technologies, which destroy your cars, boats, caravans or RV? Wouldn't be better to choose specialists in this branch too? Have you ever checked what kind of products are used in a car wash? Are they safe for natural environment and are they destinated for cleaning car? And maybe these products are very cheap? Maybe a car wash has many clients because is very cheap, but a quality is very poor. Is it possible in 1-2 hours interior car, boat, caravan or RV perfect cleaning? - The Neat-Clean Co. says no! This takes much more time. Call us to make an appointment. Using professional equipment and specially trained staff Neat & Clean will thoroughly and effectively clean the interior fabric of your car including carpet and upholstery, doors and even the ceiling.

Detail Packages (prices subject to change without notice)

 Mini Detail-wash, spray wax, remove visible tar, grease & bugs, wipe jams, clean and dress, wheel walls, windows (In & Out), vacuum carpet, shampoo mats, armor all interior)




 Spruce-exterior prep., 3 to 4 month wax, degrease jams, spot clean carpet and seats, shampoo mats, windows, armor all interior, clean and dress wheels and wells.




 Clean Up Special-exterior prep, degrease jams, windows (in & out) 6 mo. wax, steam clean carpet, mats & seats, clean all plastic, rubber, vinyl, vent & cracks, clean headliner, vacuum trunk, polish chrome, clean & dress wheels & wells.




 Deluxe- "Clean up special" + machine polish glaze & wax.




 Super Deluxe-exterior Prep., compound scratches, buff, glaze & wax, degrease jams, windows (in & out), polish chrome, clean & dress wheels & wells, touch up paint, degrease, steam & dress engine, shampoo carpet, mats & seats or clean & condition leather, clean all plastic, rubber, vinyl, vents & cracks, clean headliner and vacuum trunk.




 * Vehicle Prep. Consists of removal of bugs, tar grease, sap, old wax & brake dust, degreasing jams. Any of these can be added at an extra charge.

   Packages 1-4 do not include leather treatment or engine detailing. engine add $ 25, leather add $25 both together add $25

Boat, trailer and RV - $ 35.00