NEAT-CLEAN Company cleans all your home and basement too, especially after floodings. We provide highly qualifield personel with the best cleaning equipment of well-known international brands. You can be sure that your basement will be like new.
From your basement we can remove: mud, destroyed equipment and furniture, garbage. We can clean walls and flooors. Our company paints and renews destroyed interiors.
We have a huge experience in cleaning upholstery, area rugs and especially carpets. Neat & Clean Co. was engaged in research about the types of carpets, their using and cleaning technology.

Painting basement walls is quick way to change and renew this part of your home. We carefully prepare the walls before applying the paint. It helps to achieve a better looking job and one that will last longer. The surface of the walls needs to be clean and dry before applying any paint. There are a few steps to take this. The walls must be clean and clear from any debris. First we fill a smaller cracks with suitable filler that can be sanded smooth to the wall. Mildew can be problem in unheated or poorly ventilated basements. It must be removed and we use a special pressure-hose for this job, providing the excess water be easilly drained out of the besement. All surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, dust, efflorescence and oil. That's we perform a technique called acid etching before painting besement walls. If we're painting concrete basement walls that already have been paintend, we won't have to do the acid etching, unless there are bare or peeling spots in the old paint.
Unless the basemenet walls have been recently painted - we will need to apply a coat of primer to the walls in order to ensure actual paint will adhere to the wall correctly.
When the surface is chemically neutral and dry, we can begin work on painting concrete besement walls.
To paint the basement walls we use Behr basement and masonry waterproofing paint, which is premium, interior/exterior waterprooofer designed for porous concrete and masonry surfaces. This low odor, masonry waterproofer is formulated for waterproofing above and below grade basement walls, masonry walls, reataining walls, cinder & concrete blocks, stucco and brick. This alkali resistant provides a long-lasting, durable and decorative finish that resist water seeping under hydrostatic pressure. It uses NanoGuard technology strong adhesive barier to stop water infiltration.

Basement floor like the concrete one should be prepared before applying paint to the surface. It should be degreased and cleaned before painting. We use special pressure wash to clean the basement floor of dirt. Then we check the moisture in basement. If there are any traces of moisture in the basement floor, it should not be coated and painted. Painting should continue only after moisture is removed, along with the source moisture being determined and eliminated. After the floor has been degreased and checked for moisture, we check for its profile. To have a favorable profile on surface, the use of acid etcher is essential. One we've done the acid etching we thoroughly wash the entire surface with pressure washer to remove any residue of the acid. Once these processes are over and done with, the actual painting of the basement floor can start. Our company uses two kinds of paint:
Stain (Stain colors could be solid or semi-transparent)
Epoxy, sealers (it is the havy-duty, water-based epoxy coating for concrete surfaces). It resists hot tire pick-up, chemicals, water, oil and gasoline, formulated for interior and exteriorconcrete floors, resists scuffing, fading, cracking, peeling and blistering, provides safe, non-slip surface. Ideal for garage floors, driveways, walkways, concrete porches, basements, pool decks, playgounds.

We do the following for your basement floor:

  • Low moisture fast dry carpet cleaning
  • Hard wood cleaning
  • We clean tile and grout
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • We clean brick
  • Concrete cleaning
  • We clean stone